Brent here... Let me introduce you to the new band and new sound!  Nate and Abbie are joining the fresh style of Aire Alistair.  If you haven't caught up with us over the past few months there's tons of content here at  We've been rehearsing, we've been recording, and now the CD is on the way.

We're moving toward the full-length album and CD release concert in January in the Cincinnati area at the Southgate House Revival.  This is where you come in.  The Indiegogo campaign to make that happen is here!  I've appreciated your support over the past several years and am excited to invite you in on the process for the next record.  

You can watch the imbedded video below and then follow the link for all of the details on how you can be involved.  We have some amazing perks at several support levels ranging from $5 up to $1,000.  This is a great way to simply pre-order the CD and concert ticket.

I've always been indebted to good friends who believe in the music I've been a part of and because of your generosity it's made it possible to move forward.  We're trying to raise $5,300 over the next 37 days and that's no small task!  Any way you can help would be valuable.  So let's jump in, "share" and "like" the Indiegogo link, and get these songs into your hands!  

Best - Brent, Aire Alistair, and the Verbage Records Team


P.S.  A special thanks to Matt at Fieldhouse Collective for his work on our photos, video, and editing.  Check his work out here