After years performing under his name, Brent Reed is excited about a new iteration of sound and sonic exploration as he fronts the new band "Aire Alistair".  "This is an entire new chapter with a completely different sonic space.  We're blending keys with urban beats and some killer violin melodies and even some rap.  There's tons of energy and a new sense of exploration", says Reed.  Nate Staggs joins on drums and Abbie Aprile completes the trio on violin and BGVs.  After releasing 4 experimental EPs over the course of several months and a few singles on iTunes and Spotify, Aire Alistair is looking toward a full-length album release and live dates in late 2015.  "It's time for some of these songs that we've been hashing out in our rehearsal space to get some breathing room in a live setting.  We're ecstatic to share these songs", says Reed.